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How to vote for a new Guinea? A call for your questions for the candidates

The campaign for the presidential election in Guinea scheduled for June 27 officially started Monday, May 17, 2010. In this context Alliance Guinea in partnership with other civil society organizations interested in free and fair elections and the triumph of democracy in Guinea, launched the campaign for democracy in Guinea .The campaign is to collect information on the character, track-record and programs of the candidates and to promote informed voting through a participatory process. With our partners such as key Guinean media outlets and associations like, Alliance Guinea is has launched this effort to collect questions that ordinary people would like to discuss with their candidates.   A questionnaire of 15 to 20 points covering the policy platform and experience of the candidate will be submitted to all candidates for a democratic and civil debate on the issues of real importance to everyday Guineans.

The objectives of this initiative are to:

1.Allow Guineans inside and outside of the country to participate in the political debates and discuss the future of the country with the candidates.

2.Allow Guineans of voting age to understand the agendas and policy platforms of the various candidates, and to distinguish between the candidates other based on their programs and accomplishments.

3.Provide a forum for candidates to explain their policies and projects and to debate them with their political opponents.

4.Reduce the tension and politically-based violence through informed dialogue.

5.Reduce the ethnic vote, and allow coalitions based on policies and governance philosophy to emerge and consolidate.

To design the questionnaire for candidates, we need your ideas on the most relevant questions to ask. What are your priority concerns and aspirations? What questions can we ask to solicit responses that are well thought-out that will allow us to distinguish between the candidates?

To join the coalition of Guineans who want to vote for a new Guinea, please fill out the form via the link below. Contribute to the political debate in Guinea in devising your questions to the candidates. The success of this initiative depends on you, because we rely on as much participation as possible to represent the interest of everyday Guinea in the political debate at this crucial moment in the history of Guinea. We are relying on everyone’s spirit of good citizenship to share this form with as many people as possible.

Your opinion counts – make yourself heard and we will ensure that your answers are compiled in order to inform the questionnaire that will soon be submitted to the candidates.Once the questionnaire itself is ready we will keep you informed about the next steps of having this serious debate on the future of Guinea. Speak up and we will make sure that you are heard.

Click here to complete the survey and make your contribution to the elections.

With thanks and solidarity,
The team of organizers

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